There are three major varieties of sweet potatoes available in markets. The golden sweet, with its cream-colored skin and yellow, somewhat dry, mealy flesh is always labeled a “sweet potato.” It is excellent mashed with butter or gravy.

The DIANE, GARNET and JEWEL varieties, with their moist orange flesh, are often called ‘yams’ but are actually members of the sweet potato family. The GARNET and DIANE are easily identified by their deep red or purple jacket. It is a good choice for pies, cakes, breads, or any recipe which calls for mashed or grated sweet potatoes.

The JEWEL and BEAUREGARD are copper-skinned potatoes and are the most versatile of three sweet potato varieties. When cooked, the flesh of the JEWEL and BEAUREGARD retain its vivid orange color, making it ideal for baking, steaming, roasting, and use in casseroles—and its sweet, delicate taste blends well with many herbs and spices.

The JAPANESE yam is another favorite variety we grow and ship to Asia and the United States. We also row and ship the Okinawan Sweet Potato- a favorite for gourmet dishes.