A Homegrown History

Our story has as many roots as our potatoes. Doreva Produce was founded back in 1976 by Joe and Stan Silva. The two shared responsibilities, with Joe managing field operations and Stan managing the packing shed. Since then, Doreva Produce has been tended by three generations of Silvas and counting.

Stan’s sons Ben and Aaron, for example, worked with their father and grandfather through high school, with Ben joining full time in the 90s. Aaron was close to follow in 1996 after graduating from Cal Poly. Then, after 26 years of managing Doreva Produce, Joe Silva passed away at age 86.

Growing Today’s Premier Potatoes

Doreva Produce’s legacy continues through a full line of yams and sweet potatoes. With offerings like garnet, Red, Beauregard, and Japanese yams as well as Hannah and Golden Sweets,  we’re proud to say that our potatoes are all natural and certified free of chemicals and harmful residues.

We also have a seed program that works very closely with UC Davis plant breeders and the USDA to ensure that all yams and sweet potatoes are free from any deformities, abnormalities, and have a good shape and color. Our goal is to bring only the most premium potatoes to market—which is why we started our “Greenhouse Program” in 2013. This program hopes to bring new varieties to market that will be better, stronger, and longer-lasting potatoes.

Overall, our success has come from hard work in the field along with pride of tradition in bringing quality produce to our satisfied customers.